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何塞·埃德加多. Aban, Ph.D.


location 办公地点: HSS 209
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923
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  • B.S., Biology, University of the Philippines
  • M.S., 遥感, University of the Philippines
  • Ph.D., 遥感, Chiba University (Japan)


何塞·埃德加多. Aban is a seasoned research and project manager and an advocate of satellite remote sensing education. He served for almost two decades at the Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines and has taught as a senior lecturer in the Department of Geography, 发展, and Environmental Studies at the Universiti of Brunei Darussalam, where he was instrumental in the establishment of an image processing laboratory.

Dr. Aban teaches GE-480/580 Introduction to 遥感 during spring session and GE-480/580 Introduction to 地理信息系统 在秋季学期. He also handles Introduction to Geography, and a host of Geography subjects such as GE-201 World Regional Geography, GE-203自然地理, 以及GE-321经济地理.

在加入世界杯投注之前, Aban served as a technical consultant at the Asian 发展 Bank, as project manager of the GIS-based project dubbed “Communication and Information Systems for the Control of Avian Influenza” of the ASEAN Foundation, and as a consultant of a mapping unit of an agricultural company in Indonesia.


  • 土地利用/覆被变化分析
  • 全球变化分析
  • 生态系统变化研究
  • applications of non-parametric methods for 全球变化分析 and modeling (power and singular spectrum analysis of multi-temporal datasets) using satellite data (e.g. normalized difference vegetation index - NDVI) and climatic data
  • development of pre-processing algorithms for noise reduction in satellite images
  • phenological change analysis and its relationship with changes in floral and faunal populations
  • climate change impacts (sea-level rise scenarios) modeling with the use of digital elevation modeling, 气候振荡(e.g. ENSO, PDO),无人机等.


location 办公地点: 院长圈,19号楼
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923


location 办公地点: 政府 业务办公室 Building
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923

Extension Agent I / Assistant Instructor for Sustainable Agriculture & 社区健康

location 办公地点: ALS 105B
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923
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  • B.S., Tropical Agriculture, 世界杯投注
Anthony J.P. Ada Jr., DrPH


location 办公地点: HS 106
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923
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  • BAE, B.A., Exercise Science and Health Promotion, 世界杯投注
  • M.S., Exercise Science and Health Promotion, California University of Pennsylvania
  • 健康宣传 & 领导力,卡佩拉大学(明尼苏达州.)
Tanisha F. Aflague, Ph值.D.

Extension Agent IV - Coordinator of the Community Nutrition Education Program / Associate Professor of Nutrition

location 办公地点: ALS 113C
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923
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Research & 扩展的利益:

Childhood obesity prevention and treatment. Overall health for Guam's people through a Pacific cultural context.


Dancing, running, spending time at the beach, spending time with husband and son.


  • B.S., Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • M.S., Nutrition, Eastern Michigan University
  • Ph.D., Nutrition, University of Hawaii at Manoa


location 办公地点: RFK图书馆,流通
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923

Associate Director for Interdisciplinary Training, Operations, and Data/Dissemination

location 办公地点: 院长圈,17号楼
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923

Records & 登记技术员,记录

location 办公地点: 卡尔沃球场,一楼
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923
Ronald B. Aguon

Assistant Professor of 公共管理

location 办公地点: SBPA 133
邮寄地址: 世界杯投注站,关岛曼吉劳96923


公共管理 | Law
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  • 冈萨加大学工商管理学士.)
  • MPA,世界杯投注
  • J.D.刘易斯大学西北法学院教授 & 克拉克学院(矿石).)
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